Divinely Wrapped

  Unwrapping the gifts of Spirit

"My mission to humankind is to involve completely, the supernatural essence,

with its many possibilities, by intuition or insight."

Join me, Rus Sullivan, Medium, as I journey with Spirit in connecting with our loved ones who have left us physically, but remain with us energetically and spiritually. Existence does not end with death.  There is life beyond, what we perceive as, our physical world.

Connecting with a loved one who has crossed over can provide feelings of peace and hope, needed closure for some and most often a sense of healing for us, knowing that those souls are still with us.

There are many gifts of Spirit to be unwrapped. I am honored to share some of these gifts and to experience with you the journey within. It is my sincere desire that you may transcend individually to "live in the present" and be conscious of all that is!

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing with you messages of healing, hope and inspiration as we connect with our loved ones in spirit.

Love & Light,