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Daily Walk

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on June 10, 2019 at 8:30 PM Comments comments ()
I try to choose as many of these each day as possible. Often I am successful with them and there are times I am not. Try for yourself. Don't beat yourself up or get disappointed if they don't all happen. You are trying at that is what counts. Every day is another opportunity. Blessings ~ Rus

Daily Walk:

Wake up grateful

Choose to be happy

Expect miracles and know all things happen the way they should

Choose at least one affirmation or I AM as today's mantra

Feel your feelings but careful how you act with your emotions

Practice the Reiki principles

Do not participate / engage in negativity

Choose healthier diet options

Drink plenty of water

Practice / Study / Read at least one spiritual document / book / article daily

Meditate at least 30 minutes every day

End the day grateful and know you did your best

Today's Entry

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on June 7, 2019 at 9:00 AM Comments comments ()
Nothing happens without our thoughts, words or actions. Everything we think, say or do creates the world around us. We possess the power within to change the consequences of our choices.


LOVE can change the attitude. LOVE can change the mind. LOVE can make us likeable. LOVE can make us kind. LOVE can break the barriers. LOVE can set us free. In other words LOVE can mold a new life for you and me.

In the 70's I had the privilege of touring with a singing group called "Reach Out". We were a group of young people who traveled to churches and other venues around the state of PA performing musicals. One such musical was "LOVE" by Otis Skillings - The message above is from this musical. It was one of my favorites.

We give away our power every day, all day, for others but often forget about ourselves.

Try this little exercise at least once during your day to get your power back, quiet the mind and get centered. - Place one had over the center of your chest (the heart chakra) - place the other hand over your navel area (the sacral chakra) - now slowly breathe in and then breathe out - each time listening to the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Do this 16 times. Think of nothing else. Only focus on the sound of your breath.

Don't compare yourself to others. You can't be like anyone else. We are each unique and bring our own light to the collective. You belong here too! Accept your design. Celebrate it. LOVE yourself first!

In Life's book of lessons there is nothing new. All that has been said or done has been said or done before. When it???s our turn for the lesson, we gain the knowledge of what it is like to be a soul, in a body, having a human experience. We will own it, live it and put our own twist on it. If during our stay here we can remember who we are and why we are here, we can approach these lessons from within. This allowsus to know the lesson from a soul perspective rather than ego, and accept it as necessary for our highest and greatest good.

Try Something Different

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on June 4, 2019 at 7:40 PM Comments comments ()
I do what I can to keep my energy level up in a positive way. I like to choose at least one of these challenges on a daily basis. I say challenge because until you do one of them, you don't realize just how easily we are caught up in the day-to-day and often do not take the time to appreciate this gift of Life. It brings new perspectives to our daily routines. Maybe it will even cause new "habits" to form for you. It has for me and I am so grateful for each day that I get as another opportunity to meet Life head on. After all, it keeps happening all around us no matter what. It's our perspective that gives it meaning one way or another.

All your thoughts and feelings are energy, and energy is vibration. Learn to Raise those Vibrations and watch your life change dramatically. - See more at: http://ireleaseendorphins.com/10-ways-to-raise-your-vibrations.

1. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. Beauty is all around us, from the morning dew to the evening stars and everything in between. Most go through life not noticing all the beautiful things that are around them, and yes it's everywhere, so take the time to notice them, and appreciate them when you see it. Whether it's the scent of a flower or the way rain ripples in puddles of water, appreciate the beauty life has to offer.

2. Make a list of all that you are grateful for. Making a gratitude list shifts your vibrations from focusing on what you do not have to what is already abundant in your life. There is more to be grateful for than you could possibly imagine. You can start with "I'm Alive" and expand from there. Gratitude is the Attitude.

3. Meditate. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe in and out. Too often we rush through our days with a scattered brain leaving us in a state of anxiety and stress, Meditation helps to calm your spirit down and put you in a peaceful state of mind. 10 Minutes of meditation a day can change your life forever.

4. Do something for someone else. Giving to someone else shifts your thinking from "I don't have enough, to I have more than enough to give to others." Abundance is a high vibration.

5. Stop complaining and gossiping. Complaining and Gossip puts you in a very low vibration. Ask yourself "Are the things you are talking about bringing you more of what you want?" if not then, Stop complaining, and start finding ways to rejoice.

6. Move. Exercise. Get active. Vibration requires movement, the more you move the better your vibrations move. So Get Active! Dance! The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency.

7. Realize that you have more control over your life than you thought. You are not a victim to circumstance, past, family upbringing, trauma, or anything else. You can change your life in an instant. Just realize this. In many wisdom traditions this is called "total responsibility". No one is responsible for how you feel right now but you. It isn't a curse. It's a blessing because it gives you your power back.

8. Breathe. Just sit and try to make your breath longer, fuller, and more relaxed. It has a direct effect on your nervous system and helps to calm you down. A calm vibration is a high vibration.

9. Do Something You're Afraid of Fear holds us back from being in a state of love and happiness, and facing those fears opens you up to a greater world of possibilities. Fear of Heights? Go skydiving. Scared of public speaking? Say a poem at an open mic. You'll begin to realize your fear was worse than the actual problem, and a sense of relief will wash over you.

10. Have a Meaningful Conversation with a Friend Rather than gossip or complaining, talk about your ideas. What do you have planned for yourself? what do you think is the nature of reality? Are we spiritual beings having a human experience? Talking about these things with someone helps to raise both your vibrations by thinking big. If you don't have someone to talk to about these kinds of things with, there's a community of higher minded individuals right here.

- See more at: http://ireleaseendorphins.com/10-ways-to-raise-your-vibrations

It's All About You

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on June 1, 2019 at 5:50 PM Comments comments ()
Happy June! Read this a few years ago. New/different perspective. Give it a "think"

"Every One of us is a Psychic. Every One of us is a Channel. It is not a "random gift". Every One of us has access to ALL the information we "Need" to know. But, in order to have this experience, we must learn to Trust and Believe in OURSELVES. Are you at least willing to Believe that you have these Powers to begin with? Are you willing to detach yourself from groups, religions, or individuals who would have you believe that these Powers are "out there", "up there", or separate from you rather than Within You? Do you have the courage to "stand alone"? Again, it's up to you. It's okay to follow others if that brings you Joy. It's okay to empower religions or planets or cards or bones or stones if those are games that excite you. It's even okay to live in fear, if that is your "Preferred" way to learn. However, there are those of us who have begun to understand that our POWER does indeed lie within. Our Pathsare very different. There are no fears or prejudice. Answers come to us directly through Higher Consciousness. We don't need others to tell us what our "future" will be or what we should or shouldn't do at any given moment. We understand that our THOUGHTS alone determine our Destiny. We experience more "Synchronicities" which allow us to Trust ourselves and take complete Responsibility. Remember, whatever you Believe will eventually become your Truth or Reality. So, it always comes back to the same question. What "Reality" do YOU wish to Experience?"

Eric Allen author www.change-your-world.com

Todays Thought

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on May 31, 2019 at 8:55 PM Comments comments ()
Enjoying the last workday of our 16-day hiatus/staycation. Just the weekend is left now then back to it. It's been a great experience to "let go". A much-needed reprieve from the every day routine rut we sometimes allow ourselves to get in. I have realized though that we shouldn't wait 6 months to do such a retreat. We need more, smaller breaks in between. I have worked on getting back to my meditation which is life changing for me, as it allows new perspectives on many of the challenges I created for myself. Did little odd jobs inside and outside of the house with a real sense of accomplishment. Finished a really good book on meditation called "Meditation for the fidgety skeptic" by Dan Harris. Highly recommend it. I will leave you with this powerful paragraph that speaks volumes to me. I honestly don't remember where I found but nonetheless it speaks to me. Love & Light ~ Rus

I've been told that my thoughts and ideas are controversial and that I over simplify things. Some might take that as an insult, but I of course, take it as a compliment. lol. So let's see if I can honor those labels by explaining The Meaning of Life & Why We're Here, in just a few Simple sentences.

Number One - Life has NO meaning. Everything in Creation starts out as Neutral. The Grand Gift we have is The POWER to apply any meaning to anything in any way we choose and therefore have the Experiences we most desire. Can it get any more meaningful or simple than that? Imagine having that much Power. You do you know.

Number Two - We are Here for ONLY One reason; to create situations and experiences that get us more deeply in touch with ourselves and that guide us to Remember that we Truly are One with Creation or "ALL THAT IS". So go ahead and complicate it in any way you wish. Apply all the negative, fearful, doubtful definitions and beliefs that you desire.Argue and fight to exhaustion or destruction. Or simply allow yourself to Know that every experience is a powerful lesson for our Highest Good, Growth, and Enlightenment; then guide others to Empower themselves in the same way. Itâ??s your Choice. Always has been and Always will be.

Simple Love and Abundance to All.

Back To It

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on May 30, 2019 at 1:00 PM Comments comments ()
Greetings and Blessings to ALL. Today is Thursday May 30th and as I sit here with my coffee perusing over FB and the like, I had the notion to begin another attempt to continue my Blog. As you can see, I quit adding to it in 2013. After my Mom passed away my life changed again. Even though our relationship had changed so much over the years, at the end it was much more profound but in a good way. We were able to say and settle many things before she departed.

I did however continue my work, then had health issues that I had to deal with personally, and took the time to go deeper within over the last six years and I believe I am ready to get back to sharing experiences and insights as well as inspirational messages when spirit moves me.

Your patience and support during my time away has been greatly appreciated. Many of you did not give up on me but rather gathered around me in support. That is truly heartfelt and I am grateful every day for all of you that are in my life as we walk our paths together.

I will do my best to keep the Blog active and although the Blog doesn't allow for comments, please feel free to share at any time, your feelings, suggestions or other positive insights on my Facebook page for Divinely Wrapped @ www.facebook.com/divinelywrapped I generally try to post on there every day as well or at least weekly

Thank you again for all of your support over the years and I trust you will find some of my content inspirational, supportive and FUN.

It's good to be back!

In Love & Light, Rus

Fall/ Probably my favorite time of the year!

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on September 22, 2013 at 1:10 AM Comments comments ()


I love the Fall Season. Even the warmest of days have a different feel about them. The air is crisper; the hours of daylight shorten more with each passing day. We witness nature preparing for another cycle of death and rebirth, and the beauty of that cycle, with the vibrant colors of the leaves as they change before leaving us for the dormant upcoming winter season. The critters are starting to scurry more and begin to bury food for the darker colder days ahead.

It’s a busy season for us too as we prepare to gather the last of our harvests, put away all of our cooler, brighter colors and bring out the warmer, darker ones, whether it be in clothing or the way we decorate our homes. We begin to prepare for the long darker days ahead. We gather firewood to use during these months. We check that our flashlights are working and check our battery supply. Do we have plenty of candles? *This would be a good time to check your smoke detectors and CO detectors as well.*

The preparations continue even in the way we buy our food. We tend to put away those iced beverages and start stocking up on cocoa and other warmer type drinks. We may have canned our favorite vegetables and fruit to enjoy during these times when they are not so readily available to us. We buy meats that are more filling, that will last longer, and prepare things like stews and soups for those cold winter days.


Imagine with me for a minute how we are all connected. How we mimic Mother Nature herself. Taking her lead to prepare for the quiet dormant times, which happen without fail, as we live out our lives here on earth. Just as the trees shed their leaves, and the land is hushed with that first snowfall, nature is resting and preparing itself to start over again in the springtime in the cycle of rebirth; we too are offered this amazing opportunity.

The winter season to me is a gift given to us, as a time to rest. A time for reflection of all that we accomplished up to this point and a time to let go of things that no longer serve us. Just as a departed soul rests and reflects before returning to the next lifetime, we too have this opportunity to experience our own “life between lives” right here and now. An opportunity to reward ourselves or plan how we will do things differently as we use this time of reflection and review our lives up to this point and plan for our own cycle of rebirth, come the early days of Spring.

Unfortunately, there is that option of making this time just as busy as the other times. We get caught up in the commercialism of the Holidays, wearing ourselves thin, exhausted, frustrated and pressured to outdo the next person. But to me, wintertime says, STOP! Slow down! The weather is crap anyway so there is no need to be hustling and bustling around and knocking your-self out over anything. Even corporations give up planning conferences or conventions, starting major projects etc.

Try using this time to relax and make plans to visit with family and friends who you might not have otherwise been able to see during the other times of the year. Use this preamble to winter to plan those visits with loved ones. Giving of your time is much more valuable and meaningful than any material thing you can buy at a store. Take this time to tell them how much you love them and appreciate them. Talk about the successes and failures of the past year. Share stories of when you were a kid and the silly things you did (and got away with).


Honor your loved ones who have crossed over by setting a place for them at your Holiday table and share stories about them. Light a candle in their honor, either at Mass or in your home. Our friends and family members in spirit seem ever more present around us during the Holidays. We honor them with our thoughts, our memories and conversations about them and it brings them closer.  

Start preparing for the coming longer, dark, colder days now. Gather your firewood, candles and such. But think about what you have done this year. Pat yourself on the back for those projects or goals that you completed. Think about the things that you are holding onto that you haven’t been able to do anything with. Do they still serve you? If not, let them go and allow new things, new ideas and goals to come into your life. Begin to attract those things to you that will serve you and the greater good.

Call that family member or friend and make plans to get together and celebrate Life.

Honor those loved ones who are now in spirit. 

Relax, Reflect and Review. There is no reason to work so hard now. You’ve already put your time in. Celebrate, reap your rewards, and make plans for even better things to come when the gift of springtime, OUR chance for rebirth, is given to us once again.

Make it all about you! You deserve it! You are worth it! You are what matters!


In Love & Light,


A Blessing from Spirit

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on September 2, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments ()

A sweet story on how Spirit can work in our daily lives.


I received a phone call early this morning from a man whose wife passed away several months ago. He is from Tennessee but resides in another state. He was lying on his bed this morning watching reruns of their favorite television show and felt the need to call and touch base with his daughter. He tries her number but no answer so he proceeds to check his phone messages and miss dials the number. He realizes this when a voicemail picks up and the women’s voice is not familiar to him so he hangs up.


A few minutes go by and his phone rings. It’s the woman calling back and asks him if he meant to call her. He is very apologetic and says that he miss dialed the number trying to get his phone messages as he was trying to get in touch with his daughter to check on her.


She proceeds to tell him that she just buried her Daddy yesterday and was sitting at the table staring at her cell phone thinking that her Daddy will never call her again to check on her. Now she is receiving this phone call from a Dad who is trying to reach her daughter to check on her. Both of them are stunned by this event and she asks if he has a few minutes to talk. They spend the next 15 minutes where she shares with him that she is Native American and this experience is not a coincidence to her.


Even more ironic – she is currently living in a different state with her husband and they are moving to a small town in Tennessee – the very town where this man spent much of his younger years and knows the prominent family in that town. He gives her the name to look up when they get there. During the conversation they discover that both have Facebook accounts and promise to “friend” each other and stay in touch.


After they hang up, the gentleman looks over at his wife’s ashes and realizes that this was no accident. Spirit had put two people together that needed to feel the loving touch of those they feared they had lost contact with forever. This was a double blessing!


I am continually surprised and blessed with the many ways that Spirit shows us that the love we have for those who have lefts us physically, remain with us in spirit, and that the bond of love we share never ends.


I greatly appreciate this story being shared with me this morning. I am truly blessed and I trust this experience will help others who may read it, find comfort in knowing that our loved ones are always with us and will guide us and bless us in ways and in times that we least expect it.


In Love & Light,






In Memory

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on August 24, 2013 at 11:50 PM Comments comments ()

The emotions I’m feeling
words cannot form.
I have loved you dearly
from the day I was born.

Today I am sad,
but I’m not alone.
The day has come
that you have gone home.

You’ve always been there
no matter what.
Handing out blessings
to whomever you touched.

An Angel on Earth
sent from Above.
To teach us kindness,
strength and Love.

You taught us to bake,
to cook and to sew.
There wasn’t much
that you didn’t know.

When we cried
you wiped our tears.
You made us smile
and brought us laughter for years.

You took us places
no one else would.
When no one wanted to play with us,
you always could.

As much as we begged you
you never complained,
“Take us on the trolley”, “let’s go to the park”,
and our favorite of all, “can we ride the Inclined Plane!?”

You spoiled us rotten
and that we will never forget.
And not for one moment
do any of us regret

How you blessed us abundantly
and gave us so much Love.
Our Angel on Earth
sent to us from Above.

Alice M. Wright 11/09/1914 - 08/22/2013

I love you Aunt Al with every ounce of my being and I want to say Thank You.
Thank you for being in my life for all of these years, and for loving me unconditionally.
For taking the time to exchange letters back and forth because you couldn’t hear.
For remembering Birthdays and Anniversaries and sending cards, still putting money in them after all of these years!
There is much to celebrate when I think of you. I am honored and privileged and blessed that you have been a part of my life.

I will miss “everything” about you – but I will always feel your Love!

I love you,

Working with Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on July 28, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments ()

Imagine for a moment doing what you love doing. That one thing that you are immensely passionate about and been doing it for years. You're pretty good at it. You're confident in yourself. Then one day you become aware of an expert in your craft, either by reading a book, hearing them on CD, tape, radio or even seeing them on television. This someone who does what you do and has been doing it for many years as well, has perfected the art of living your "passion" and in doing so gained world-wide recognition in the process. How does this make you feel? Excited? Validated? Hopeful that there may be a chance for you yet to live your passion and be as successful as others who are living their passion? What if you had the opportunity to meet that certain someone and actually work along side them? To hear them teach, to learn from them and even be critiqued by them? How do you feel now? Nervous? Intimidated? Over -whelmed? 

I am excited to tell you that I had the honor and pleasure of living that very opportunity for myself  earlier this week. I am just returning from Richmond, B.C. where I attended a 3 day intermediate/advanced mediumship workshop with two of the most respected and world renowned mediums in the field of mediumship and spiritual development. Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell, both from the UK, are two of the top 5 teachers in the world on mediumship as well as two of the nicest, most down to earth, amazing individuals you could ever meet. I understand that Lisa and Tony have only been working "together" for a short time. You wouldn't know it. They may have different styles and techniques but it works! It's like they have been working together for years.

I attended the workshop with some 30 plus other mediums, psychics, numerologists and tarot readers from the USA, Canada and Europe. I am confident that the group would agree, that with Lisa and Tony's words of wisdom, teaching with integrity and encouragement and overall love and passion for what we do, each and every one of us were blessed beyond anyone's expectations. 

Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell (IMO) truly are and "Inspiration" indeed!

Oh and yes I "was" nervous, somewhat intimidated and overwhelmed at first. I left confident in my abilities, ready to put what I learned into practice and finding and developing a style of mediumship to call my own. So yes, there is hope for me to "live" my passion. It is now up to me to make it happen!