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Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on May 31, 2019 at 8:55 PM
Enjoying the last workday of our 16-day hiatus/staycation. Just the weekend is left now then back to it. It's been a great experience to "let go". A much-needed reprieve from the every day routine rut we sometimes allow ourselves to get in. I have realized though that we shouldn't wait 6 months to do such a retreat. We need more, smaller breaks in between. I have worked on getting back to my meditation which is life changing for me, as it allows new perspectives on many of the challenges I created for myself. Did little odd jobs inside and outside of the house with a real sense of accomplishment. Finished a really good book on meditation called "Meditation for the fidgety skeptic" by Dan Harris. Highly recommend it. I will leave you with this powerful paragraph that speaks volumes to me. I honestly don't remember where I found but nonetheless it speaks to me. Love & Light ~ Rus

I've been told that my thoughts and ideas are controversial and that I over simplify things. Some might take that as an insult, but I of course, take it as a compliment. lol. So let's see if I can honor those labels by explaining The Meaning of Life & Why We're Here, in just a few Simple sentences.

Number One - Life has NO meaning. Everything in Creation starts out as Neutral. The Grand Gift we have is The POWER to apply any meaning to anything in any way we choose and therefore have the Experiences we most desire. Can it get any more meaningful or simple than that? Imagine having that much Power. You do you know.

Number Two - We are Here for ONLY One reason; to create situations and experiences that get us more deeply in touch with ourselves and that guide us to Remember that we Truly are One with Creation or "ALL THAT IS". So go ahead and complicate it in any way you wish. Apply all the negative, fearful, doubtful definitions and beliefs that you desire.Argue and fight to exhaustion or destruction. Or simply allow yourself to Know that every experience is a powerful lesson for our Highest Good, Growth, and Enlightenment; then guide others to Empower themselves in the same way. Itâ??s your Choice. Always has been and Always will be.

Simple Love and Abundance to All.

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