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Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on June 1, 2019 at 5:50 PM
Happy June! Read this a few years ago. New/different perspective. Give it a "think"

"Every One of us is a Psychic. Every One of us is a Channel. It is not a "random gift". Every One of us has access to ALL the information we "Need" to know. But, in order to have this experience, we must learn to Trust and Believe in OURSELVES. Are you at least willing to Believe that you have these Powers to begin with? Are you willing to detach yourself from groups, religions, or individuals who would have you believe that these Powers are "out there", "up there", or separate from you rather than Within You? Do you have the courage to "stand alone"? Again, it's up to you. It's okay to follow others if that brings you Joy. It's okay to empower religions or planets or cards or bones or stones if those are games that excite you. It's even okay to live in fear, if that is your "Preferred" way to learn. However, there are those of us who have begun to understand that our POWER does indeed lie within. Our Pathsare very different. There are no fears or prejudice. Answers come to us directly through Higher Consciousness. We don't need others to tell us what our "future" will be or what we should or shouldn't do at any given moment. We understand that our THOUGHTS alone determine our Destiny. We experience more "Synchronicities" which allow us to Trust ourselves and take complete Responsibility. Remember, whatever you Believe will eventually become your Truth or Reality. So, it always comes back to the same question. What "Reality" do YOU wish to Experience?"

Eric Allen author www.change-your-world.com

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