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A Blessing from Spirit

Posted by jlrls517@comcast.net on September 2, 2013 at 11:50 AM

A sweet story on how Spirit can work in our daily lives.


I received a phone call early this morning from a man whose wife passed away several months ago. He is from Tennessee but resides in another state. He was lying on his bed this morning watching reruns of their favorite television show and felt the need to call and touch base with his daughter. He tries her number but no answer so he proceeds to check his phone messages and miss dials the number. He realizes this when a voicemail picks up and the women’s voice is not familiar to him so he hangs up.


A few minutes go by and his phone rings. It’s the woman calling back and asks him if he meant to call her. He is very apologetic and says that he miss dialed the number trying to get his phone messages as he was trying to get in touch with his daughter to check on her.


She proceeds to tell him that she just buried her Daddy yesterday and was sitting at the table staring at her cell phone thinking that her Daddy will never call her again to check on her. Now she is receiving this phone call from a Dad who is trying to reach her daughter to check on her. Both of them are stunned by this event and she asks if he has a few minutes to talk. They spend the next 15 minutes where she shares with him that she is Native American and this experience is not a coincidence to her.


Even more ironic – she is currently living in a different state with her husband and they are moving to a small town in Tennessee – the very town where this man spent much of his younger years and knows the prominent family in that town. He gives her the name to look up when they get there. During the conversation they discover that both have Facebook accounts and promise to “friend” each other and stay in touch.


After they hang up, the gentleman looks over at his wife’s ashes and realizes that this was no accident. Spirit had put two people together that needed to feel the loving touch of those they feared they had lost contact with forever. This was a double blessing!


I am continually surprised and blessed with the many ways that Spirit shows us that the love we have for those who have lefts us physically, remain with us in spirit, and that the bond of love we share never ends.


I greatly appreciate this story being shared with me this morning. I am truly blessed and I trust this experience will help others who may read it, find comfort in knowing that our loved ones are always with us and will guide us and bless us in ways and in times that we least expect it.


In Love & Light,






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