Divinely Wrapped

  Unwrapping the gifts of Spirit


If you have had the opportunity to share in the gifts of Spirit with Rus and wish to share those experiences with others, please go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the message form. Submissions are then posted here.

Quotes Just a note to say what a pleasure it was to talk with you both. Thank you for my reading Rus it was more than I could have ever hoped for. You were so very spot on with everything and come across as such a kind person. Thank you again. Quotes
~Meggin A.

Quotes Group Reading ~ I have had the privilege of attending a group reading once with Rus, and once with Rus & Darcy. Wow! Such a powerhouse partnership. It is very moving to feel the energy of the entire group supporting these messages from Spirit. There is something very pure in that time together that is unforgettable, as our souls heal, and hearts open. I very much felt Spirit's unconditional love, wisdom, and support for each of us during those group sessions. It was with a sense of great wonder I saw my first orb photos after the first group reading, including a green healing orb on my right thigh that I now know was my younger brother, helping heal my long-term pain and injury. I was extremely happy to feel my beloved maternal grandparents presence at the 2nd group reading, and to learn they travel in one large orb together. How perfect, after more than 60 years of marriage, to learn that they are primary soul mates, who often choose to incarnate together. Quotes

Quotes It is days later and I still feel so much lighter and energetic after my session. Rus is such an open, giving soul the positive energy flows through him and into me even before I laid down on the table. So much negative and scary stuff is going on in my life. But he was able to guide me to a better place and help me to open up, let in the good and let go of the bad. I am so grateful to be free of the weight of all the negative energy I had let pile up around and in me. Thank you Rus. Quotes
~Patricia A.

Quotes I have had a couple Reiki sessions with Rus and each time has been a wonderful and relaxing experience. It was so amazing how in touch he was with things going on with me that he had no prior knowledge of before our session. It is such a revitalizing experience that brought calmness and a sense of being back on the right track with my life. I strongly recommend everyone to experience a Reiki session with Rus, he truly has a wonderful gift. Quotes
~Lisa D.

Quotes I went to a Reiki session not really knowing what to expect. I don't like massages at all, so I was a bit leary. But, Reiki is nothing like a massage.. This was a great experience. I had just had an MRI for my back, but had not mentioned it to Rus, and he stopped at that area and told me there was a lot a heat in that area and asked if I had any issues in that area.. He was not alarming in any way, but I told him that I had just had a test but not the results. That verified to me that this was the real deal. He also encourages you to see a Doctor if you have any issues..Reiki does not replace Medical practices, to me it just enhances thier benifits. I have taken my children for sessions and if my parents were alive they would of definitely benefited from the sessions! While the sessions are 30-50 dollars the "stress free 30-90min " priceless... I walked in feeling like about 20 dollars and change and walked out feeling like a million dollars and change!! Quotes
~Mikie M.

Quotes Reiki was a very spiritual and cleansing experience, I felt at peace and relaxed afterwards. Rus is the true Reiki Master. I wish he lived down here in our neck of the woods called "The sou-enders" and not in "The nor-enders" I would see him at least 2 times a month for treatment. Rus can pin point what is ailing you, he was right on with me. Thank you Rus, Love you Linda xxx Quotes
~Linda V.

Quotes Rus creates an atmosphere of safety and complete trust while releasing energies that no longer serve me. I walk away from a session with him feeling uniquely attended to, in a calm and capable style. Quotes
~Cheryl G.

Quotes My Reiki session with Rus was my first ever Reiki session and I must say it was a wonderful experience. I could feel the heat from Rus's hands from the very first. Rus sees your energy and if you wish will give you feedback. I thought this was an incredible bonus. I pinpointed a few spots of concern for me and Rus had a look and let me know what he saw. Rus is truly gifted and I am grateful he is sharing his gifts. Quotes
~Tim S.