Divinely Wrapped

  Unwrapping the gifts of Spirit

How do you define cost and value in spiritual work? How much should you pay a medium to connect with a loved one who has passed? In a society where monetary value is placed on everything for services rendered, I have struggled with this question for several years. I have been told if you price too low people will not take you seriously and if you price too high you will limit the amount of people you can serve. Or worse, pricing high, weeds out those not as serious to the gifts you offer.

I have run the gamut in this arena with personal experience. I have paid a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars for a reading, treatment, class or workshop and honestly have found little difference in the service(s) I have received. I took notice however, that some of those who charged higher prices for the work they were doing, considered this their livelihood and I could understand where they were coming from. Plus some had expectations of drawing from a particular audience that could or would meet those prices. There were also some who priced low that I didn’t feel had my best interest at heart.

My goal, from the day I started to charge for sharing my gifts on a more public level, was to make it affordable for everyone. I wanted as many people as possible who needed a healing experience to be able to afford it and to be able to make myself as accessible as possible to everyone.

I have listened to those who offered me advice along the way and I am appreciative of all of the advice and direction offered to me over the last couple of years. I have spent some time interviewing others in the business, clients, as well as many hours meditating over this challenging dilemma.

I have decided to follow my heart and trust my intuition and the universe. We all have special gifts and talents and we should share them with each other. Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do. I truly have a passion for Spirit and I have entrusted myself to do the work that is set before me. I want the world to heal, to wake up, to know the Love of Spirit. The little things we can offer each other are limitless.

I am trusting that my decision will allow opportunities for anyone who wants or needs to experience the healing power of spirit in whatever venue appeals to them. Whether it be a one on one mediumship reading, spiritual counseling, Reiki sessions or treatments. I want to always be available and accessible to those that spirit leads to me.

In any spiritual experience or options where we continue to place monetary value, taking the focus off of the cost and finding a medium or spiritual worker who sees with the heart, is genuine and has a great love and respect for spirit, whose passion is to offer healing and love to those who seek it, is a path one should consider when seeking any kind of spiritual guidance.

I trust that I will have the opportunity to share some of these “gifts of Spirit” with you, your family and friends. I look forward to meeting you on your journey and enjoying with you the experiences that Spirit has to offer.

In Light & Love,